Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania By Dr Ali M Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania

Writer: Dr. Ali Muhammad Al Salabi


The book Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania Pdf is historical writing by Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Salabi. The author told the Turks’ history in this book, revealing their past, their social and political activities, and ongoing movements, making today’s Turkey a different place of civilization.

The book Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania Pdf is about modern Turkey’s history. In this book, Ali Muhammad Salabi tells the ancient civilization of Turks who ruled the Muslim world for over six centuries. They took khilafat from Amwi, which expanded till the start of the Khilafat Movement. Mustafa Kamal was the military commander who later announced the demolition of Sultanate Usmania.

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