Bay Sahar Raat Ke Musafir By Aslam Rahi Pdf

Book Name: Bay Sahar Raat Ke Musafir

Writer: Aslam Rahi MA


Aslam Rahi MA is the author of the book Bay Sahar Raat Ke Musafir Pdf. The writer is a well-known personality to all readers. He is famous for writing historical books and novels. His excellent command over history earned him the title of historian. Now, he is also writing short stories in different aspects as plays and dialogue writing.

The book Bay Sahar Raat Ke Musafir Pdf is phenomenal historical writing by Aslam Rahi MA. It is a brilliant piece of work that describes the lifespan and wars of Imad Ud Din Zangi. He was the Muslim leader who founded the Zangi dynasty in Syria, Egypt, and Mousel Turkish areas.

Later, Imad Ud Din Zangi led a war against the Crusaders for the freedom of Jerusalem. After his death, his son Noor Ud Din Zangi made history with his most critical military skills. I hope you will like the book Bay Sahar Raat Ke Musafir Pdf by Aslam Rahi MA and share it with your friends.

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