Alauddin Khawarzam Shah By Aslam Rahi MA Pdf

Book Name: Alauddin Khawarzam Shah

Writer: Aslam Rahi MA


The book Alauddin Khawarzam Shah Novel Pdf is a masterpiece work by Muhammad Aslam Rahi. He is such a phenomenal writer, novelist, and historian. Aslam Rahi MA is the person who tried to write on the subject of history and earned fame. His excellent writing techniques brought him to mainstream fame among Urdu writers. Aslam Rahi attempted to educate the Muslims’ youth about the achievements of their ancestors.

The book is about the great military commander of medieval India. He was the first Khawarzmi ruler who claimant the title of Shah. During the aggression of Genghis Khan, he was forced to stop him along with the Central Asia border. Meanwhile, he was the man who took bold steps against the Mongols and never let them shed the blood of his subject. I hope you will like the book Alauddin Khawarzam Shah Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

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