Mahbooba e Halab Novel By Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui Pdf

Book Name: Mahbooba e Halab Novel

Writer: Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui Saradhanvi


Maulana Sadiq Saradhanvi is the author of the book Mahbooba e Halab Novel Pdf. The author of this excellent historical book is a great novelist, biographer, and historian. Over the past few years, he gained much popularity due to his exceptional writing skills. He is such a brilliant writer who captured the history in his books.

The book Mahbooba e Halab Novel Pdf depicts the history of the past when Muslims fought against Christians. Muslims regained the Bait Ul Maqdas from the Christians in the reign of second pious Khalifa Hazrat Umar R.A. After that, Muslim reigned many years in Palestine as well as in Rome and Syria. They, fought against them to regain the glory and succeeded after hard struggles. I hope you will like the book Mahbooba e Halab Novel Pdf.

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