Why We Created Pakistan By Allama M Asad Pdf

Book Name: Why We Created Pakistan

Writer: Allama Muhammad Asad

Translator: Syed Qasim Mehmood


Allama Muhammad Asad wrote the book Why We Created Pakistan Pdf. He was a staunch Islamic scholar, belonged to Austria, and was born to a Jewish family. But, Allama Muhammad Asad was very keen on the research of different religions of the world. Thus, temptation brought him to the research work of various faiths. Allama Muhammad Asad got closer after reading the world’s most authentic religious book- the Holy Quran.

The book Why We Created Pakistan PDF is an excellent book on history. After having faith, he went to Saudia Arabia at the invitation of King Abdul Aziz and performed Hajj. Soon after he completed religious acts, he turned his attention to the visit to holy places. In those days, a movement regarding the Ottoman Empire was at its peak, and there was also a movement in South Asia against British rule.

Furthermore, Allama Muhammad Asad participated in these activities and played his unique role. After the Independence of Pakistan, he came to Karachi with the Great Quaid. It is Why We Created Pakistan Book translated into Urdu with Hum Ne Pakistan Kyun Bnaya by Syed Qasim Mehmood. I hope you will like the book Why We Created Pakistan PDF and share it.

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