Al Noor By Syed Muhammad Suleman Ashraf Pdf

Book Name: Al Noor

Writer: Syed Muhammad Suleman Ashraf


The book Al Noor Pdf is a masterpiece writing by Prof Syed Muhammad Suleman Ashraf. The author told the pre and post-history of United India after the two-nation theory being observed in the subcontinent. He described the circumstances which led to the separation of India into two parts.

The book Al Noor Pdf contains the history of Two-Nation Theory presented by Muslim scholars. Syed Suleman Ashraf discussed in detail the reasons which caused the dismemberment of the peaceful area. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the staunch advocate of the two-nation theory which later, got votes from other Muslim thinkers and politicians. I hope you like the book Al Noor Pdf by Syed Suleman Ashraf and share it.

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