Akbar Ka Hindustan Urdu By Dr Mubarak Ali Pdf

Book name: Akbar Ka Hindustan

Writer: Father Monserrate

Translator: Dr. Mubarak Ali


Antony De Monserrate, also known as Father Monserrate, was the author of the book Akbar’s Hind. But, Dr. Mubraka Ali translated this English historical document into the Urdu book Akbar Ka Hindustan Pdf. The author of this great commentary was a Portuguese priest who attended Akbar’s court and remained with him till 1582. He accompanied Akbar the great in his military expeditions and sometimes gave counsel on many issues.

The book Akbar Ke Hindustan Pdf is an incredible translation into the Urdu language by Dr. Mubraak Ali. In this book, he wrote about Akbar’s life, youth, Din-i-Ilahi, and war achievements. Akbar was the third Mughal emperor, but his reign became more controversial than any other ruler.

He took many bold steps and did many things, which made him the greatest ruler of all time. Akbar Ka Hindustan Pdf is one of the most popular foreign books ever. I hope you will also like the book Akbar Ka Hindustan Pdf and share it with your friends.

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