Qadeem Hindustan Ki Tareekh By Rama Shankar Tripathi

Book Name: Qadeem Hindustan Ki Tareekh

Writer: Prof Rama Shankar Tripathi


The book Qadeem Hindustan Ki Tareekh Pdf is about the ancient history of India. Rama Shankar Tripathi wrote this amazing history book and got appreciation from the readers. He is a scholar of Buddhism by profession, but he is also famous for writing many books on Buddhist philosophy. He is also an editor who carved out the philosophy of Buddhist Tantra.

This book Qadeem Hindustan Ki Tareekh Pdf (History of Ancient India), is a masterpiece by Rama Shankar Tripathi. He told the mythology about Buddhism and its roots causes by the ancient religion. He told in detail about the practices and various beliefs attributed to Buddha.

In addition, Rama Shankar Tripathi also described the life of its founder Siddhartha Gotama. He talked about his family life and background. I hope you will like the book Qadeem Hindustan Ki Tareekh Pdf and share it with your friends.

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