Guman Poetry Book by Jaun Elia Free Pdf

Book Name: Guman

Writer: JaunĀ Elia


Jaun Elia was a prominent writer, poet, philosopher, scholar, biographer, and scholar. His father, Shafiq Hassan Elia, was also a great poet and astrologer of Amroha, India. Rais Amrohvi was a great journalist who made a new way for his literary family. Jaun Elia is the author of the poetry book Guman pdf. His books Gumaan, Shayad, Lekin, Ya’ani, and Goya, gave him immense fame among the Urdu poets.

The poetry book Guman pdf by Jaun Elia is lovely writing. It consists of poems, ghazals, and stanzas. Much of his poetry relates to the unique type of ghazals, which he wrote in the context of Marxism. He authored this booklet about the unfair practices made by the country’s business class. So, this poetry book Gumaan Pdf is a masterpiece work of the Urdu writer. I hope you will read the book Guman pdf by Jaun Elia and share it.

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