Aaj Aur Kal Science Ke Aine Mein By Issac Asimov Pdf

Book Name: Aaj Aur Kal Science Ke Aine Mein

Writer: Issac Asimov


Issac Asimov is a Jewish-American writer who authored the book Aaj Aur Kal Science Ke Aine Mein Pdf. He is a professor of chemistry at Boston University. Issac Asimov is a famous writer who wrote over five tons of books and over 90 thousand articles on science fiction and popular science.

The book Aaj Aur Kal Science Ke Aine Mein PDF by Issac Asimov, is one of his best writings. This book was translated from the original script, which belongs to him. His famous work, the Foundations Series, brought him to mainstream fame. In this book, Issac Asimov told the current life and the future challenges to humans with multiple deeds.

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