Zaheer Ud Din Babar By Dr Pirimkul Kodirov Pdf

Book Name: Zaheer Ud Din Babar

Writer: Dr Pirimkul Kodirov


The book Zaheer Ud Din Babar Pdf is one of the most outstanding books authored by Dr. Pirimkul Kodirov. It is the biography of the Mughal ruler who led the foundation of the Mughal rule. Umar Sheikh Mirza was the father of Babar, and he was the king of Ferghana. Babar rose from Farghana to Central Asia, facing conspiracies and defeat.

Later on, he came to Kabul and then made an entry into the Indian Subcontinent. It was the right time for the Mughal rule in India. Zaheer Ud Din Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi on the battlefield of Panipat in 1526. After defeating the Lodhi, he defeated Rana Sangha in the battle of Kanwah. He was such a tremendously victorious and great admin in all fields.

Babur set an example of excellent administration in the Indian Subcontinent. The book  Zaheer Ud Din Babar Pdf is the top story of India’s Mughal kingdom and the wars he fought for the crown. I hope you will like to read the history book Zaheer Ud Din Babar Pdf and share it with your friends on social media sites.

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