Aurangzeb Alamgir Novel By Almas MA Pdf

Book Name: Aurangzeb Alamgir

Writer: Almas MA


Almas MA is the writer of the book Aurangzeb Alamgir Novel Pdf. He is a great Urdu writer, biographer, novelist, and historian. Almas MA authored more than a hundred books that became famous among readers. And this one is also a historical novel about the life of the great Mughal emperor.

The book Aurangzeb Alamgir Novel Pdf is about the lifespan of the Mughal emperor. He was the son of Shahjahan and the brother of Murad, Dara, and Shikoh. He captured his father in a castle where he breathed last. Then, he turned his attention toward state matters. Aurangzeb was a pious ruler who had a love for great Muslim personalities. Moreso, he imposed Jizya on the non-muslims in the state.

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