Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna Novel By Tariq Ismail Sagar

Book name: Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna

Writer: Tariq Ismail Sagar


Tariq Ismail Sagar is the author of Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna Novel.The author of this book is a great writer, journalist, novelist, and defence analyst. He authored more than three thousand books and hundreds of articles about the world’s issues. His most of the writings contain the central topics of the countries,

This book Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna Novel Pdf is a very deep-hearted and touching story of a true Pakistani. He wants to save the interests of the country in the land of an enemy. He led spy based activities there and did which thing goes better for the benefit of his motherland. For this, he has to face many hardships but, never give up his struggles. I hope you will like the book Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna Novel Pdf.

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