Roshniyon Ke Azab Novel by Nighat Seema Pdf

Book Name: Roshniyon Ke Azab

Writer: Nighat Seema


Nighat Seema is the author of the book Roshniyon Ke Azab Novel Pdf. She is a talented female writer, fiction writer, and novelist. Her unique style of writing novels and short stories brought her to mainstream fame. She started writing for leading digests such as Khawateen and Kiran and now regularly writes for publishers.

The book Roshniyon Ke Azab Novel Pdf by Nighat Seema, is an unusual story. She described the social behaviors of the people in this book very beautifully. It is somehow an interesting social, romantic story that touches on the values of manners. But, sometimes, she also tells the social odds of society as well. I hope you will like the book Roshniyon Ke Azab Novel Pdf by Nighat Seema and share it.

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