Lal Masjid Operation Silence By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf

Book Name: Lal Masjid Operation Silence

Writer: Tariq Ismail Sagar


Tariq Ismail Sagar is the author of the book Lal Masjid Operation Silence Pdf. The author of this book is an excellent writer, novelist, defence analyst, and journalist. He produced some Best Selling Novels which garnered the attention of a large number of Urdu readers. In this book, the writer exposed the reality of the operation with facts and figures.

The book Lal Masjid Operation Silence Pdf was a Siege Of Red Mosque under the code name of Operation Sunrise launched in 2007 by the Pakistan Government against Lal Masjid and militants. The following Mosque was under the leadership of two brothers Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid who demanded to impose Sharia throughout the country. In this regard, they merged the activities by involving Adjacent Madrasah Jamia Hafsa and revolted against Government. In short, they attacked Rangers which caused a severe operation against them. I hope you will also like this book Lal Masjid Operation Silence Pdf.

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