Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu By Farid Ud Din Attar Pdf

Book Name: Tazkiratul Auliya

Writer: Shaikh Farid Ud Din Attar


Shaikh Farid Ud Din Attar is the author of the book Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu PDF. He was such a great scholar and mystic Sufi of Islam. He spent his entire life seeking knowledge of Islam. Shaikh Farid Ud Din Attar mostly traveled to the Gulf countries where the most outstanding Sufi lived. When Tatarians attacked Nishapur, he stood against them and embraced martyrdom during the battle.

Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu PDF is a biography of prominent scholars, Sufis, and Saints. This book briefly counts the lives, teachings, and life works of Auliya Allah. They always preferred their life to serve people with kind hearts and show them the right path. These include Abu Bakar Shibli, Ibrahim Bin Adham, and the great Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi. I hope you like and share the book Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu PDF by Shaikh Farid Ud Din Attar with your friends.

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