Sawaneh Hayat Data Ganj Bakhsh By Muhammad Din Fauq

Book Name: Sawaneh Hayat Data Ganj Bakhsh

Writer: Muhammad Din Fauq


Muhammad Din Fauq is the author of the book Sawaneh Hayat Data Ganj Bakhsh pdf. The author wrote this biography on the lifespan and teachings of Syed Ali Bin Usman Hajveri R.A. He was the greatest scholar in the history of the subcontinent who preached the people. His teachings got closer the people to the way of Allah. He came to Lahore according to the directions made his mentor Hazrat Abu Saeed Khatli.

The book Sawaneh Hayat Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh pdf is a beautiful gift to all Muslims. The whole world loves this great Sufi due to his greatest teachings. Abu Al Hassan Al Hajvari was the title of this great mentor of the Muslim world. He came to Lahore from Ghazni, Afghanistan in the 11th century and changed the political and social condition of the Lahore. Due to his great work, Lahore became the place of peace very soon.

The book Sawaneh Hayat Data Ganj Bakhsh pdf is wholesome of the biography of Hazrat Ali Ibn Usman Hajveri. Many people around the world come to his shrine and pay tributes. They follow the teachings of the greatest personalities of the world. Hazrat Khawaja Moin Ud Din Chishti Ajmer Shareef gave him the title of Ganj Bakhsh. After that, the followers and Muslims called him the Data Ki Nagri.

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