Tareekh e Islam By Shah Moinuddin Nadvi Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Islam

Writer: Shah Moinuddin Ahmad Nadvi


The book Tareekh e Islam Pdf is about the early history of Islam by Shah Moinuddin Nadvi. He was a prolific writer, speaker, and scholar of Islam. Shah Moinuddin Ahmad Nadvi has enough knowledge about the history of Islam, which he wrote in the book’s shape. Due to his phenomenal work, he got the attention of other scholars.

The book Tareekh e Islam Pdf contains the holy deeds of Rasool e Kareem Salalahu Aliahi Wasalam. After that, the ideal time came when the caliphate period set examples for the entire world. The writer beautifully described 40 years of the Caliphate, which showed the priority of Islam. Later, he enrolled in the Umayyad and Abbassi periods, creating enough gaps between the practices and deeds.

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