Al Malik Ul Zahir Baibars By Talib Hashmi Pdf

Book Name: Al Malik Ul Zahir Baibars

Writer: Talib Hashmi


The book Al Malik Ul Zahir Baibars Pdf is a biography of Sultan Rukn Ud Din Baybars. He was the first Mamluk Sultan in the Muslim Syrian state. Sultan Baybars had superb military and administrative skills. He defeated the Crusaders and the Mongols on the battlefield. It was the Baibars, the great, who stopped the way of Mongols who were destroying the Islamic world.

Talib Hashmi was a great scholar of Islam and historian. He authored many books in biography and history. Talib Hashmi got famous through his Seerat books. I hope you like the book Al Malik Ul Zahir Baibars Pdf by Talib Hashmi and share it with your friends.

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