Mauj e Kausar By Sheikh Muhammad Ikram Pdf

Book Name: Mauj e Kausar

Writer: Sheikh Muhammad Ikram


The book Mauj e Kausar Pdf is another excellent history work by Sheikh Muhammad Ikram. He was a civil servant who mostly spent his time to write the books on the topic of history. Consequently, he became one of the greatest Urdu writers and historians at the time. He used to write the Muslim history as well as pre and post-Mughal history.

The book Mauj e Kausar Pdf is about the modern era of the Muslims religious history. It starts with the Nineteenth century which led to the development of the new chapter of Muslim history and ends till the start 21st century. This book covers the vast subject like Partition of Bengal, Fourteen Points, Lucknow pact, Roundtable conference, elections of 1945, and the independence of two states. I hope you will like this book Mauj e Kausar Pdf.

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