Taliban Ki Qaid Main By Yvonne Ridley Pdf Download

Book Name: Taliban Ki Qaid Main

Writer: Yvonne Ridley

Translator: Yahya Khan


The book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf is a horrible autobiography of Yvonne Ridley. The author of this terrific book is a British journalist. She was on the mission of reporting in Afghanistan when the Taliban kidnaped her. After releasing from their confinement, she wrote the book on them, which divulged the secrets.

The book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf is the Urdu translation of the famous biography or autobiography “In the Hands of the Taliban.” Yahya Khan translated this English book into the Urdu language and exposed western thoughts about Islam.

In this book, Yvonne Ridley told the attitudes, truthfulness, struggles of the Taliban in an excellent way. This book created controversy in the Western world due to the meaningful reporting of Ridley. I hope you will like to read this book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf by Yvonne Ridley and share it with your friends.

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