Tabeer Ur Roya Urdu by Imam Ibn e Sirin Pdf

Book Name: Tabeer Ur Roya Urdu

Writer: Imam Muhammad Ibn e Sirin


Hazrat Imam Ibn Sirin is the compiler of this very famous book Tabeer Ur Roya Urdu Pdf. He was one of the most outstanding scholars at the time of the inception of Islam. Imam Ibn Sirin directly learned from the companions of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Due to his greatness and learning from his companions, he got the title of Tabeen from other scholars of Islam.

Imam Ibn Sirin initially wrote the book Tabeer Ur Roya Urdu Pdf in the Arabic language, later translated into the Urdu language by the Huzaifa Academy. However, the name of the translator is unknown to the readers. This booklet is a beautiful gift for those who want to know the interpretation of their dreams. The correct interpretation of the dreams became the subject every time, and the compiler did it in the best way.

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