Sulah Hudaibiya by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Pdf

Book Name: Sulah Hudaibiya

Writer: Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail


Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is the writer of the book Sulah Hudaibiya Pdf. He is a great author and Arabian historian. He wrote the book about the first-ever treatise made by any group or sects of the world. It became a unique tool of demarcation of limits about the two groups, i.e., Muslims of Madina and Quraish at the place of Hudaibiya.

The book Sulah Hudaibiya Pdf is the first agreement to complete the sovereignty. It was the foresight of the greatest policymaker and teacher of the world who was the last messenger of Allah. When Muslims of Madina went to Makkah to perform Umrah, the Muslims of Quraish didn’t allow them.

And that was the reason why Rasool Allah SAW understood and made a treaty that became very popular in the world with the name of Sulah Hudaibiya. I hope you will like this great gift in the treatise’s shape and share it with your friends.

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