Tareekh e Karbala By Qari Muhammad Ameen Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Karbala

Writer: Qari Muhammad Ameen


Qari Muhammad Ameen is the author of the book Tareekh e Karbala Pdf. Qari Muhammad Ameen is a distinguished writer, historian, and scholar of Islam. He wrote this book about the history of the Karbala and told about the atrocity of Yazeed. Ibn Ziad was the commander of the Yazidi forces who martyred Imam Hussain. So, read and spread knowledge about Shahadat Hussain e Karimain.

The book Tareekh e Karbala Pdf is about Karbala and Shahadat e Imam Hussain A.S. The incident happened in 61s Hijrah and on 10th Muharram Ul Haram. Heaven wept over the innocent killing of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

Ibn e Ziad was the commander of Yazeed’s forces who provoked the troops. He took his weapon and killed the noblest personality on the earth. The whole world witnessed how the grandson of the Prophet accepted the martyrdom but never bowed before savage Yazeed. I hope you like the book Tareekh e Karbala Pdf by Qari Muhammad Ameen and share it with your social media friends.

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