Sarwar e Kainat Ke 50 Sahaba by Talib Hashmi Download

Book Name: Sarwar e Kainat Ke 50 Sahaba

Writer: Talib Hashmi


Sarwar e Kainat Ke 50 Sahaba Book is one of the best books written by Talib Hashmi. The author of this book is a well-known scholar and a great writer. Talib Hashmi had much influence on the Sunni- Shia sects as he wrote any sectarianism instead. Therefore, he is one of the leading writers of Islamic Books.

Talib Hashmi wrote Sarwar e Kainat Ke 50 Sahaba Book and gained fame worldwide. It is the best book on the lives of the companions and followers of the beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. These were the most influential companions who devoted their whole lives to Islam. Moreover, they spent their wealth and all their money on the way of Allah. I hope you will like this Sarwar e Kainat Ke 50 Sahaba and share it with your social media friends.

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