Ba Barkat Waqiat By Ghulam Hassan Qadri Pdf

Book Name: Ba Barkat Waqiat

Writer: Mufti Ghulam Hassan Qadri


The book Ba Barkat Waqiat Pdf is a collection of events by Mufti Ghulam Hassan Qadri. He is one of the most prestigious scholars of Islam nowadays. Mufti Ghulam Hassan Qadri authored many books that have something very informative relating to Islam and its followers. Mufti Ghulam Hassan Qadri is teaching at Hizbul Ahnaf, a religious school in Lahore.

The book Ba Barkat Waqiat Pdf contains the significant events relating to Quran and Sunnah. Besides this, it also covers the different circumstances of two hundred, directly linked to the most outstanding personalities. These personalities include the companions of Rasool Allah, Auliya Allah, and the great Muslim rulers who made history with their kindness.

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