Ghazwa e Tabook by Allama Muhammad Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Ghazwa e Tabook

Writer: Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail


Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is the author of Ghazwa e Tabook Pdf. He was a great Arabian writer, scholar, and historian. He wrote a series of books about the battles and Ghazwas, which the Muslims took against Islam’s enemies. Allama Ahmad Bashmail highlighted all these facts chronically and showed the right things to the readers.

The book Ghazwa e Tabook Pdf is another excellent writing by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail. Muslims under the leadership of Muhammad SAWW led an expedition against the Byzantine Armies in Tabuk. This Ghazwa knew in history as the last Ghazwa of Rasool Allah SAW. It took place in the year 630, i.e., 8 AH. Muslims stopped the armies of Byzantine at Tabook but fought no fight between these two powers.

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