Salahuddin Ayubi Novel By Qazi Abdul Sattar Pdf

Book Name: Salahuddin Ayubi Novel

Writer: Qazi Abdul Sattar


Qazi Abdul Sattar is the author of the book Salahuddin Ayubi Novel Pdf. It is the history of the world that Europe never saw such a great opponent as Ayubi. Sultan was the only warrior who defeated them and made history by conquering the Bait Ul Maqdas from their control. Finally, the Crusaders had to accept their defeat.

The book Salahuddin Ayubi Novel Pdf by Qazi Abdul Sattar is about the achievements of the great commander of Islamic history. After Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A, Salah Ud Din Ayubi is the only Muslim commander who regains Bait al Maqdas. He had faith in Allah. Ayubi is still considered the most audacious and greatest ruler on the battlefield. He was God-fearing and very kind to his subjects. Moreover, it is only he to whom everyone pays tribute. Even Crusaders still praise his bravery.

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