Sagar Kinare Novel Complete By Umme Taifoor Pdf

Book Name: Sagar Kinare Novel

Writer: Umme Taifoor


Umme Taifoor writes the book Sagar Kinare Novel Pdf. It is a beautiful social and reforming story to read. The writer portrays the struggles and hardships of a young girl who was earning a livelihood to support her family. Being the only hope for her parents, she was fighting the odds of society. It is exceptional thinking of the writer who tried to boost the struggles of those young girls who work only to meet the challenges just for their families.

The book Sagar Kinare Novel Pdf is exceptional writing by Umme Taifoor. She is a talented writer of the Urdu language. Umme Taifoor is writing for many famous digests. Her writing style is unique; that is why this novel is now serializing in Kiran Digest. The readers wait impatiently to read her new episode. Only due to her efforts have females shown their interest in young authors. I hope you like the book and share it.

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