Taash Ke Pattay Novel By Aleem Ul Haq Haqi Pdf

Book Name: Taash Ke Pattay Novel

Writer: Aleem Ul Haq Haqi


Aleem Ul Haq Haqi is the author of the book Taash Ke Pattay Novel Pdf. The writer of this novel is a famous novelist and story writer. He got fame by writing many social and romantic novels. But, Ishq Ka Qaaf gave him much respect among the Urdu writers. Aleem Ul Haq Haqi has been writing for a long time and has penned many blockbuster books. His writing technique is very affecting and attracts readers.

The book Taash Ke Pattay Novel Pdf is another interesting social, romantic, and mystery story by Aleem Ul Haq Haqi. The story brings the flux when some people want to earn a lot of money. To get their purpose complete, they kill many innocents, including females, children, and old. They become a gang of evil, and their name rises as a group of killers. At last, they face severe opposition from the forces who trap them and arrest them. So, please read and share it.

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