Russell Ke Mazameen by Bertrand Russell Pdf

Book Name: Russell Ke Mazameen

Writer: Bertrand Russell

Translator: Qazi Javed


Bertrand Arthur William Russell’s literary name is Bertrand Russell is the author of Unknown Essays or Sceptical Essays. He was a great British writer, mathematician, logician, social critic, political activist, historian, and philosopher. He was also a Noble Laurate who got the Noble Prize in 1950 for his literature services.

Bertrand Russel wrote more than four dozen books, including geometry and mathematics. But, this book Russell Ke Mazameen pdf is the Urdu translation of his skeptical Essays. Qazi Javed translated his Essays into Urdu titled Russell Ke Mazameen.

These subjects are so powerful, and these have some implementations in the routine life of every person. You will find something very different from other mathematicians by reading these subjects. I hope you will like the book Russell Ke Mazameen Pdf and share it with your social media contacts.

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