Kubra Ashiq Urdu Novel by Victor Hugo Pdf

Book name: Kubra Ashiq Novel

Writer: Victor Hugo


Victor Hugo is the author of The Hunckback Of Notre-Dam Novel – Kubra Ashiq Novel Pdf. He was one of the greatest Fench writers of all time. He was also a great poet, dramatist, and novelist of the Romantic movement. Victor authored more than five dozen books and plays, which were later dramatized on the stage. His romanticism in the novels attracted many people around the world.

The book Kubra Ashiq Novel pdf is one of Victor Hugo’s best novels. This novelette has been translated into many other languages of the world. Kubra Aashiq is the Urdu translation of the Frech novel. It is a beautiful social and romantic story that revolves around a person who has physical problems but loves a girl. I hope you will like the book Kubra Ashiq Novel PDF by Victor Hugo and share it with your friends.

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