Qaid Novel By Abdullah Hussain Pdf Download

Book Name: Qaid Novel

Writer: Abdullah Hussain


Abdullah Hussain is the author of the book Qaid Novel Pdf. Abdullah Hussain is a very famous novelist and short story writer. He authored many best-selling books like Nashaib, Udas Naslain, and Wapsi Ka Safar. Moreover, Abdullah Hussain is one of the greatest novelists who describe social issues in their stories.

Besides this, he always focuses on the fundamental problems that lead to an inferiority complex. The book Qaid Novel Pdf is another excellent social reforming story by Abdullah Hussain. He appealingly describes the social odds. The writer discusses in detail all the negative issues of our political system openly.

Sometimes, he makes an indication of our sick system of the government. This book indicates all the stereotypes of society, which lead to the destruction of our social structure. Moreover, all of his books, including Udaas Naslain, portray the natural conditions of our bewildering public sectors.

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