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Book Name: Bhugtan Novel

Writer: Riaz Aqib Kohlar


Riaz Aqib Kohlar is the author of the book Bhugtan Novel Pdf. It is a super hit social and romantic story that was published in a digest. It contains a moral lesson and pointed out the evils in our society. In the book Bhugtan Novel, the writer talked about the love affair of two university students.

The boy planned to deceive the girl, and he had a habit of it. He believed that a girl belongs to a rich family and must give him money for personal expenses. But, the girl does not have a strong family background, but she believes in moral values. She becomes the university only for study and does not believe in any affair.

In the end, the man knew the real situation and offered a proposal for marriage to the girl. At this, the story of Bhugtan Novel went to its peak, and the girl accepted the offer. She agreed the boy marry her on her terms and conditions.

Riaz Aqib Kohlar is a famous story writer and established novelist of Urdu. In his long writing career, Riaz Aqib Kohlar authored many super hit action novels and romance stories. He discussed the public issues in his unique writing style that got the appreciation of the readers. I hope you like the book Bhugtan Novel Pdf and share it.

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