Tafseerat e Ahmadiyya by Mulla Ahmad Jeewan Pdf

Book Name: Tafseerat e Ahmadiyya

Writer: Mulla Ahmad Jeewan


Mulla Ahmad Jeewan is the author of the book Tafseerat e Ahmadiyya pdf. The author of the book was a great scholar of Islam. Mulla Ahmad Jeewan got famous by writing the Noor Ul Anwar book on religious matters, considered the best book for the Hanafi sect among Muslims. Due to Hanafi’s great religious views, Mulla Ahmad Jeewan got famous as a scholar of the Muslims.

The book Tafseerat e Ahmadiyya Pdf is another excellent work by Mulla Ahmad Jeewan. This booklet collects the interpreted Quranic verses in the Urdu language as Tafseer. He beautifully explained some Quranic Ayaat and considered the verses’ best Tafseer. It contains some famous poems that most scholars translated according to their thinking. I hope you like the book Tafseerat e Ahmadiyya Pdf and share it with your friends.

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