Mushkil Rastay Novel By Farah Ijaz Pdf Download


Book Name: Mushkil Rastay Novel

Writer: Farah Ijaz


Farah Ijaz is the author of the book Mushkil Rastay Novel Pdf. It is an excellent social, romantic novel of a beautiful young girl living a miserable life. She was ready to fight all odds of survival, but it was impossible without a direction. After a hard time, she learned how to live with others and how to manage life. Now, she was confident and realistic about the hardships of life.

Farah Ijaz is a talented emerging story writer and novelist. She started writing as a storyteller but gained her recognition very soon due to her excellent writing skills. She is energetic and enthusiastic who loves to write on topics, including social and cultural norms. Farah Ijaz tries to maintain balance in her stories. With time, she has learned the art of novel writing. I hope you will like the book Mushkil Rastay Novel Pdf and share it with the others.

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