Musaddas e Hali By Altaf Hussain Hali Pdf

Book name: Musaddas e Hali

Writer: Syed Altaf Hussain Hali


Syed Altaf Hussain Hali is one of the greatest poets in the history of the Indian Subcontinent. He was a well-known poet who used his pen to awaken the Muslims. He poetically described them and gave them new hope. Khawaja Altaf Hussain wrote the book Musaddas e Hali Pdfs, a masterpiece work by any polyethylene.

The book Musaddas e Hali PDF is a poetry collection by Maulana Khawaja Hali. In this poetry book, he used to describe the scrambled conditions of the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent. He was the only poet and writer after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who tried to show the true face of British colonial rule to the Muslims. I hope you will like the book Musaddas e Hali PDF and share it with your friends.

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