Kulliyat e Meer By Meer Taqi Meer Download Pdf

Book Name: Kulliyat e Meer

Writer: Meer Taqi Meer


Meer Taqi Meer (also known as Meer Muhammad Taqi Meer) was the pioneer of Urdu ghazals. Mir Taqi Mir was the leading Urdu poet who got fame during the Mughal era. Besides of getting praise like Mirza Ghalib, people also considered him one of the prolific poets who gave shape to the Urdu language. He compiled kulliyaat which better have recognition as Kulliyat e Meer pdf.

This book Kulliyat e Meer pdf is the combination of six diwan. These deewan comprises of ghazals, qaseeda, rubai, mustezaad, masnavi, and satire. Due to his great works for Urdu ghazals, he got the title of Khuda e Sukhan ( God of Poetry). Not only ghazals are hit, but his Masnavi too brought him to limelight fame. Muamlaat e Ishq is the best Masnavi full of romantic poems. I hope you will love to read the book Kulliyat e Meer pdf.

Here on the site, you can download Meer Taqi Meer poetry in Urdu pdf format. You may also read Deewan e Ghalib by Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib.

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