Muqadma Tul Quran By Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Muqadma Tul Quran

Writer: Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar


Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is the author of the book Muqadma Tul Quran Pdf. The author of the book is a great writer, debater, philosopher, and intellectual. He delivers lectures to a large number of people and inspires them with the teachings of Islam. He uses scientific approaches to understanding one’s problems and discusses them with the help of the Quran and Sunnah.

The book Muqadma Tul Quran pdf is the collection of Quranic verses to solve the problems of the human. Islam is a complete code of life and helps every individual whether he is Muslim or Non-Muslim. It shows the right path and gives the right direction for the solution to the problems. That is why Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar wrote this book to lessen the problems of the individual. Moreover, by reading this book, a man can understand the basic principles of life and humanity.

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