Dalail Un Nabuwat Urdu By Imam Bayhaqi Pdf

Book Name: Dalail Un Nabuwat Urdu

Writer: Imam Abi Bakar Ahmad Al Bayhaqi


Imam Bayhaqi is the author of the book Dalail Un Nabuwat Pdf. His real name was Abu Bakar Ahmed Ibn Hussain Ibn Ali Ibn e Moussa Al Khosrojerdi Al Bayhaqi. He belonged to the Shafi school of thought. Imam Bayhaqi authored more than one thousand books and discourses on Islamic teachings.

The book Dalail Un Nabuwat Urdu Pdf is about the Seerat and lifespan of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The book tells the complete history of the life of the last Prophet, who is the messenger of Allah. It is the most credible book on the character, wars, battles, teachings, and Sunnah. Originally, it is an Arabic book that is available in Urdu for the convenience of the readers.

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