Kitab Ur Rooh Urdu By Allama Ibn e Qayyim Pdf

Book Name: Kitab Ur Rooh Urdu

Writer: Allama Ibn e Qayyim

Translator: Muhammad Shafi Noori


Allama Ibn e Qayyim is the compiler of the book Kitab Ur Rooh pdf. He was one of the greatest Muhaddith in the Islamic world. Moreover, he was a great scholar of Islam and the disciple of the great Muhaddith and preacher Ibn e Taymiyyah. Both were the historian and scholars who wrote some excellent books about history and earned fame.

The book Kitab Ur Rooh pdf is a masterpiece work of Ibn e Qayyim. He wrote this book in the original language of Arabic, which Muhammad Shafi Noori translated into the Urdu language. This book is an excellent work that describes the life and activity of the soul.

Every soul in the world has to taste an end which means that the life of every human is short, and it will come to an end. So, Ibn e Qayyim tells the soul and its taste about life. I hope you like the book Kitab Ur Rooh Pdf and share it with your friends.

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