Mulhid Ka Overcoat Novel By Mubarak Ali Pdf

Book name: Mulhid Ka Overcoat

Writer: Bertolt Brecht

Translate: Dr. Mubarik Ali


Bertolt Brecht is the author of the book Mulhid Ka Overcoat Pdf. The author of this excellent book was a famous German writer, playwright, short story writer, and poet. Bertolt Brecht authored many plays, which were later practiced in theatre. Due to his great works, he became the famous head of theatres.

The book Mulhid Ka Overcoat Pdf is the Urdu translation of the German work by Bertolt Brecht. Dr. Mubarak Ali translated it from German to Urdu language. It is an excellent booklet that contains a fiction-based story. The translator is a renowned Urdu writer who authored many Best Selling books and won the readers’ hearts. Most of his works have the subject of history, which is why history students love and read him.

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