Mujrim Shikari Novel By Aatir Shaheen Pdf

Book Name: Mujrim Shikari Novel

Writer: Aatir Shaheen


Aatir Shaheen is the author of the book Mujrim Shikari Novel Pdf. He is a famous story writer and top novelist who regularly writes for the digests. He penned dozens of stories and novels on various topics. Aatir Shaheen earned respect and fame for his unique writing style. He introduced many new trends in horror and action novels.

The book Mujrim Shikari Novel PDF is an action, thrill, adventure, and suspense story. Aatir Shaheen describes the expedition of a Pakistani hunter who went to the forest of Brazil. He wanted to trap a lion and earn the respect of his friends. Some uncivilized tribalmen captured the man and took him in their custody.

They wanted to kill him to fulfill some religious requirements to get the pleasure of their god. The man had a difficult time there and tried to escape it. The story gave a lot of information about the African tribes. I hope you like the book Mujrim Shikari Novel PDF and share it with your friends.

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