Kafka Ke Afsanay By Franz Kafka Pdf

Book name: Kafka Ke Afsanay

Writer: Franz Kafka


Franz Kafka was the writer of the book Kafka Ke Afsanay Urdu Pdf. These Afsanay (literary Short Stories), initially written in Czech, were later translated into other languages such as Hungarian and German. But, these stories are available in Urdu, which Nayar Masood translated.

The book Kafka Ke Afsanay Urdu Pdf is a collection of great short stories. Franz Kafka wrote them in his native language. He was a famous Czech Republic short story writer, playwright, and Novelist. He was born in Prague but died in Australia, and he was the only Jewish Novelist who wrote a lot for Jews then. I hope you like the book Kafka Ke Afsanay Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends.

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