Geelay Pathar Novel By Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi Pdf

Book Name: Geelay Pathar Novel

Writer: Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi


The book Geelay Pathar Novel Pdf is written by Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi. Fiaz Mahi is a Sufi mystic and writer who penned some heart-touching books. He always chose different topics for his writings and preferred Sufism. It is another mystical work of him.

The book Geelay Pathar Novel Pdf is a beautiful and loving story of real love. It is the story of the person who goes to Makkah for pilgrimage. But, due to steadfast love with the Holy Prophet PBUH, he takes some stones from the cave of Makkah. As he returns to his home, he founds that these stones shed tears as they are feeling loneliness.

You can download Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi’s novels in Pdf. You may read Sheeshay Ka Ghar Pathar Ke Log, Tawan e Ishq¬†and Saqoot e Kargil.

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