Misr Ka Bazar By Yaqoob Nizami Pdf Download

Book Name: Misr Ka Bazar

Writer: Yaqoob Nizami


The book Misr Ka Bazar pdf is a travelogue written by Yaqoob Nizami. The author of this travelogue is a Pakistani writer. He authored this book in the context of his travel to Egypt. He is now living in the United Kingdom after making contributions to the Urdu literature.

The book Misr Ka Bazar Pdf is an interesting travelogue of Yaqoob Nizami. He went to Egypt- the oldest civilization on the earth. He went to famous places and then wrote them in his biography. Egypt is full of wonders, Pyramids, old culture centres, and the shrines of the greatest personalities. The beauty of Egypt is very popular in the world, and he also discussed it. So, read this Safarnama to know complete detail about the Pyramid of Egypt.

I hope you will like this book Misr Ka Bazar Pdf. You can download Yaqoob Nizami’s books in Pdf. You may read Dehshat Gard Novel, Thanda Gosht¬†and 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar.

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