Dehli Aur Uske Atraf By Syed Abdul Hai Pdf

Book Name: Dehli Aur Uske Atraf

Writer: Hakeem Syed Abdul Hai


Hakeem Syed Abdul Hai is the author of the book Dehli Aur Uske Atraf Pdf. He belongs to Deoband, thought of school, and authored some religious books. Hakeem Abdul Hai is a famous scholar of Islam who had command on the subject of Fiqh, history, and Hadeeth.

The book Dehli Aur Uske Atraf Pdf contains information about the capital city of India. Hakeem Abdul Hai talked about the most populous city in Asia, best known as the heart of the Indian state. In this Safarnama, the author describes the lifestyle, nature, and livelihood of the people of that area. I hope you like the book and share it with your friends.

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