1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar By Zia Ud Din Lahori

Book Name: 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar

Writer: Zia Ud Din Lahori


Zia Ud Din Lahori is the author of the book 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar Pdf. The author of the book is a well-known writer and publisher. Zia Ud Din Lahori authored many excellent books, which gave him sincere respect among the readers. His different writing style attracted the other writers, which is why he secured more fame than any.

The book 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar Pdf is an informative as well as a historical novel. This book tells the history’s most controversial event of the war of independence of 1857. Zia Ud Din Lahori discussed the core reasons, their evaluations, confrontations, and steps for the suppression of the rebellion activities. The war of independence started from the Mirth city of United India, and it spread to the entire continent.

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