Maut Ki Khushi by Albert Camus Free Pdf

Book Name: Maut Ki Khushi

Writer: Albert Camus

Translator: Farid Ullah Siddiqui


Albert Camus is the author of the book A Happy Death Novel, now available in Urdu. Farid Ullah Siddiqui translated this famous French novel with Maut Ki Khushi Novel Pdf’s title into the Urdu language. Albert Camus was a great French writer, fiction writer, and philosopher. He received the Nobel prize in literature due to his excellent work in literature.

The book is the masterpiece translation of a blockbuster book. Albert Camus tells the real meaning of happiness in this story. Death is the absolute reality that has no end, but everything concludes with the lesson. And this book is about the happiness of death by dint of several facts. Good deeds always make the future very cheerful, giving a comfortable feeling about eternal life. I hope you will like this book Maut Ki Khushi Novel pdf and share it.

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