Mamlat e Abubakar Siddique By Qayyum Nizami Pdf

Book Name: Mamlat e Abubakar Siddique R.A

Writer: Qayyum Nizami


Qayyum Nizami is the author of the book Mamlat e Abubakar Siddique Pdf. It is an excellent writing on the life, rule, policies, reforms, and governance of Syedna Abubakar Siddique R.A. He was a great companion and lover of the Holy Prophet SAW. He was the first man who embraced Islam when Rasool Allah announced his prophethood.

Mamlat e Abubakar Siddique Pdf describes the governance system and policies of Abubakar Siddique as the head of the state of Madina. He became the first Caliph of the Muslims after the death of the Holy Prophet SAW. He showed much courage in a difficult time when he took charge of the government.

Qayyum Nizami mentioned the actions of the Hazrat Abubakar Siddique to make a welfare state of Madina. He made brave decisions in panic and defeated the superpowers of his time. Siddique e Akbar suppressed the fake Prophets and defeated the opponents of Zakats.

Qayyum Nizami is a famous politician, columnist, writer, and intellectual. In his political career, he participated in politics from the platform of the people’s party. He penned many excellent books on politics, history, and Islam. Qayyum Nizami gained much respect and fame for his Seerat Un Nabi and Khulafa Rashideen series. I hope you like the book Mamlat e Abubakar Siddique Pdf and share it with your friends.

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